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The cast of Last Stop


Klunk is the owner of Last Stop. His goal in life is to be able to sit back and earn money on other people's waste. His greed often leads to stupid ideas and often angry patrons.

He came up with the idea of a space rest stop after being trapped in a Thanagarian time warp for 12 days and was forced to hold his need for a bathroom break for 18 days straight. (The other 6 days were waiting to get back to his home planet.)

After becoming the laughing stock of the slug empire, he left his home world and moved onto an abandoned asteroid. After living there for a couple of weeks he noticed other space travelers stopping to relieve themselves on the asteroid and the rest is history.


Blurg is an octopoid alien with very little patience for stupid people, including Klunk. He had an argument with an angry insectoid and was booted off their ship. He floated through space for days before landing onto a floating asteroid. There he met Klunk, the owner of Last Stop and the two have been together ever since.

Blurg doesn't actually like Klunk or the rest stop, but has a soft spot for the smell of sewage. Ironically he was a maintenance janitor on the planet of Danonela and Klunk gave him the job as the head of maintenance at Last Stop. (Actually he’s the only maintenance)


Not much is known about Oogle other than he doesn't talk. No one knows why Klunk made him the head of the complaint department or why a rest stop even needs a complaint department, but he is in charge of it none the less.

Oogle may not speak, but he is a great listener and can often be seen surrounded by women who can't get their mates to listen to their stories.  Although he is great at his job, Klunk has to keep an extra watch on him, because he has a habit of getting annoyed and eating people. (12 to date, 13 if you count the Ewok)


Previously known as Scragg, Scraganite was previously head of security of Last Stop. During Scrag’s run as security, it was revealed that he was actually a she and tension between Klunk and her increased.

After a failed attempt at killing her, Scragg returned to exact revenge, only to be frozen in carbonite by Klunk. Originally thought to be the end of Scragg and the beginning of a great bathroom decoration, Scraganite began randomly speaking to customers and is now a permanent part of the bathroom fixture.

Noone knows why or how Scraganite is able to communicate, but Last Stop also has a complaint department person who doesn’t speak, so does it really matter?